Auto Loan

დახმარება გჭირდებათ?

დაგვიკავშირდით, ისარგებლეთ ონლაინ ჩატის ფუნქციით ან გადმორეკვის სერვისით.

Get finance very quickly to purchase the vehicle, change your old car with new one with lowest interest rate, with a schedule adjusted on you. We provide best terms and best service


High evaluation
low interest
insurance as a gift


  • With the right to use the car
  • Without transferring ownership
  • High evaluation
  • Loan is disbursed in 1 day
  • Insurance as a gift.

Loan is disbursed only in GEL

While repaying the loan, you cover both: interest and principal together. Loan is repaid on monthly basis. Repayment is possible through our partner Bank by remitting the funds to the Central Bank account, or through payment terminal.

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